Manual Chapter Inserts



Is there a DVD recorder that allows you to do manual chapter inserts while recording to DVD? I know of models that will let you do manual inserts to the hard drive but, I am looking to add the chapters directly to the DVD while recording.


Older Philips machines without HDDs used to allow chapter insertion during the recording, by pressing the [REC] button on the handset every time you wanted one. However I don’t know whether the current models still support this, but you could look on the Philips website.


Most RAM recorders will do this, or will insert them at intervals. I prefer to add chapters on the PC while doing a re-author.


Thanks imkidd57, I have found a couple of Philips models that will do what I need.


Liteon LVW 500x series will also do manual chapter inserts as well as ajdustable auto chapter inserts.


is there any software that can do the job of creating custom dvd chapters? I REALLY need fast, urgent help on this one


There is lots of authoring software out there that can do this.

TMPGEnc DVD Author can insert custom DVD chapters as can software such as Ulead DVD MovieFactory etc, etc.

I’d recommend a visit over to for some tips.