Manhunt game blamed for murder of teenager!

Don’t know if this has been mentioned?

But here’s the story from BBC News:

Here’s a reaction story:

Seems video games are being blamed again for another murder! The fact a 17 year old had a game rated for people 18+ doesn’t seem to be well highlighted! But since when did selling stuff to underage people bother anyone? Our local corner shop makes a bomb selling fags to the local schoolkids, so when they get cancer in later life will they campaign to ban fags or sue the companies for something they did when underage?

I’m getting wound up now, need a Vice City fix to calm me down!

I heard that Dixons has banned this game now. Will they also be banning the forthcoming new Grand Theft Auto game this Christmas- a guaranteed top seller? As this evil game is clearly corrupting young kids too.

"Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us…we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music”. Krisitan Wilson, Nintendo Inc. 1989.

Hmmm. Some parallels there, Dark rooms, magic pills, music!! Sounds a bit like my place at the weekend :bigsmile:


As a side note, I think that people must treat games as what they are, not as a parallel to real life.

so all games where you can kill somebody should be banned, that’s virtually every first person shooter & action game

racegames should be banned coz ppl will drive too fast on the roads and kill ppl

adventure games should be banned coz ppl will “borrow” stuff to combine it with another “borrowed” object etc. maybe you should blame adventure games if your keys get stolen…

beat’em ups should be banned coz we don’t want kids fighting on the streets and doing finishing moves & fatalities

strategy games should be banned coz they mostly involve waging wars, what if some megalomaniac dictator unleashes a war based on a videogame… yeah, it’s as ridiculous as blaming the developers of Manhunt for this kid’s behavior…

these kinds of arguments are too easy. when in doubt, blame the deepest pockets. until they prove that the 1 in x number of game players who commit this behavior is greater than the 1 in y number of people with a disposition towards this type of behavior…

Methinks maybe retailers should show some initiave and ask who the games are for?
MA18 shouldn’t be for kids under 18, regardless, and parents/adults should be warned.

That said, the kid was likely gonna grow up to be a serial killer anyway, and was drawn to the game, much the way a moth is drawn to the flame. Suggesting the game inspired the kid to kill would be like suggesting that Picazzo only started painting cos he liked watching his art teacher, rather than had some natural ability for it :stuck_out_tongue: