Mandrake Linux 10.0 Official Release

Mandrake Linux 10.0 is now freely available for i586 CPU’s and higher.

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MD5 checksums:

ad3d50fe12c0672a7e4d32b466ab6851 Mandrakelinux10.0-Official-Download-CD1.i586.iso
a64fbcb98d6aa2cd4ac287e563593678 Mandrakelinux10.0-Official-Download-CD2.i586.iso
bf7a7dad80cf3f41453d572d3ffed09b Mandrakelinux10.0-Official-Download-CD3.i586.iso

Say, the upgrade to 10.0 is very significant? I mean, a lot of important technical stuff has changed from 9.2?

You can find all the new features here.

Summary :

Kernel 2.6
Samba 3.0
KDE 3.2
Groupware solution
New look and feel in MCC
Galaxy II

The 2meg PDF file with all new features explained can be downloaded here.

Looks good… but I gonna wait till the fourth of june, as SuSe 9.1 will be released to the public (for free that is) :).

Let’s c if there’s a 64 bit version of Mandrake 10.0… I’m sick of running 32 bit software :smiley:

thanks for the Info about the new Mandrake 10.0, Mr Belvedere, I been waiting for it a long time and a few weeks ago I read that it was about to be released but didn’t know the date, now all I have to do is wait till the local Linux distributor receives it’s stock of PowerPack + .

@ Dee-ehn the new Mandrake 10.0 has FULL 64 bit support and it’s reported that it runs 20% faster on a AMD 64 bit, if it was any faster you will need to have "seat belts " fitted to your chair and wear a helmet. :slight_smile:

Thanx for the info… gonna download it right away :bigsmile:

Summary after a couple of days :

NVidia drivers run @ 1280x1024x32b after installing kernel source first.
Quake 3 runs right after installation. Updating works , but Punkbuster fails.
Unreal Tournament runs , after uncompressing GOTY files.
Installing the 4 official map packs for Unreal Tournament FAILS.
Tux Racer , Lbreakout2 , etc. run smoothly
Mandrake Update SUCKS
Opera runs , but has an horrible menu font, not readable at all.
Hey … where did XMMS go ? What the hell is this totem ? Oh well … it works