Mandrake killed my CDROM and can't get it back!

Hello all.

Ok, first of all, I know this is not Mandrake’s fault, it’s LG’s.

I tried to upgrade my CRD-8482B CD-ROM firmware before installing Mandrake, but I got no sucess. I followed all instructions carefully, but I got a strange “Error 3” during update. I tried everything, then I gave up.

So, I installed Mandrake Linux 9.2, and as expected, my cd-rom is now dead. So I followed the instructions of “Emergency Download for Physical Dead Drive from Mandrake Linux 9.2 Instalation” from the LG website.

The problem is that my BIOS does not recognize my CDROM any more, and the update program LG provided does not work.

I know this is a cheap / old CDROM drive, but i really would like to get it running again, mainly for learning experience.

Can anyone please give me a light?
Thanks in advance,


PS: sorry for english mistakes, I typed it very fast… :slight_smile:

Hi Mate!
Same thing nearly. I did know about the problem, then forgot it again! I put MDK 9.2 on my other pc and this killed the LG drive. MDK did install ok, just the drive no longer works, and doesnt show up in bios anymore. It also takes an age to boot up through BIOS. I’m looking into itas well. Keep us posted.
ps, have you checked out “Linux Formats” site?
One suggestion, remove any other drive on same channel and set the CD drive to Primary but leave it unplugged. Boot into “Command Prompt Only” in win98 or use a boot disk for NTFS, then plug the drive back in and try to flash with firmware tool. I did this with MKFlash, from this site, for a dead Liton DVD ROM. All sorted. Check which tools you need for that drive etc. I’ll have a go when I’ve finnished the decorating!
Hope this helps,

I’ve tried to update as well and it failed, as you say, even when you connect the drive after BIOS and boot upto “Safe mode command prompt only”. The LG site gives you the tool and firmware file but they assume you drive is ok and you are ABOUT to install MDK9.2. What we need is a tool to update the firmware AFTER a failure. It is said that MTKFlash doesn’t support this firmware. Any ideas anyone?