Manchester United Again - Moneybags Wins

What a Bummer – English premiership Manchester United again

This club is the Bill Gates of the Soccer world. It’s all moneybags and corporate suits and fat cats. Even to visit this ground and go to a game you need an American Express Platinum card to merely get the “cheapest” seat – cheap is not really a word that could sensibly be used here.

What chance for ordinary fans of “REAL CLUBS” now.

'Nuf said

Still…even if it cost arsenal…bloody good show by leeds.

And fark - how good was that kewell goal!

Have to agree with 1kyle here too … i have friends studying in England and they have filled me in on the Manchenster issue :wink:

It seems that Manchester isnt that popular with the natives, as it is popular mostly with foreigners…

If i had to support an English team myself, i guess that would be Leeds United :slight_smile:

Ist I AM NOT a fan of them

But it sounds like sour grapes to criticise a club that is truly run as a business & is in the black <<<>> Football is no longer a Flat Cap & Bovril game <> Its a Media Feast with big money for the ones who get it right.

Over 67,000 fans watched them beat Charlton & if the ground held more (& it soon will) there will be more watching.

They make the job pay so they get the better players/they have a great youth setup so they get even more better players.

They have won 8 championships out of 11 seasons of the English Premiership THEY MUST BE doing something right.

They should however do better in Europe.

That said I hope they lose every game next season.

Originally posted by The-poacher
[B]Bla bla bla …

That said I hope they lose every game next season. [/B]

Funny guy :bigsmile:

Strange the fact that Arsenal were 8 points in front in March this year hasnt been said then again we won the league who cares:cool:

I like Arsenal and Celtic. Never heard this about ManU before but I’m a foreigner :slight_smile:
It’s subjective if something is expensive or not, if you compare with a Formula1 ticket then I guess football is cheap…
But there’s a whole alot more of football games being played so…
What does a ticket to a ManU match cost?