Manchester By The Sea-MacX

Just got this home today and tried to rip. Everytime I have it analyze the DVD it crashes the program while analyzing. I restarted my computer and from a fresh start of the program again it crashed out when trying to rip Manchester by the Sea. Loaded the next DVD after that, and it started to rip normally that DVD.

Is there new copy protection that forces MacX DVD Ripper Pro to crash?

Having the same issue, did you ever get this resolved?

I watched the movie instead of ripping it, my wife and I decided it was a 1 star. I can understand why Affleck gets the Best Actor award, but it was a movie we did not want to see ever again. So I returned it to Netflix without saving it. So I did not resolve this per the software, but in general

You should be aware that we support our members making copies of discs that they own, but if this was a rental, that violates our rules for discussions on these forums. And Netflix stopped selling used DVD’s through their website back in 2008 or so.

Please review our guidelines for copyright material before posting on this type of topic again.

This is just a reminder, since no one has violated copyright in this thread.


Thanks a lot for using our software. We just released a new version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which can successfully solves the question you mentioned. Please download and have a try again:

Just let me know if you still have the problem, I’ll try my best to help you out asap. Or we shall appreciate much if you have any other suggestion about the product, which would help us make better improvement. Thanks.

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