Manage 2 iPods on the same computer

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to manage 2 iPods on the same computer using iTunes keeping completely seperate libraries for each - and if so, how to go about it?


assuming Itunes stores all settings in the current userprofile, then setting up a second userprofile for being used with the second ipod might work.


Option 1-- Have multiple iTunes libraries, under 1 OS user: When launching iTunes, press Shift [Windows] or Option [Mac OS]. iTunes will prompt you to choose a library, or create a new blank library. To switch between the two, you’d have to exit and enter iTunes again, but it’s definitely not that bad. Just be sure to keep up with which library file is which.

Option 2 – Have 1 main iTunes library, but manually manage two iPods within it: Just use iTunes as normal, but when you go to sync each iPod, you see an option to Manually Manage your music and videos [among other content, depending on iPod version]. Also good if you want to just drag-and-drop a few select items at a time and you don’t need full automation of the syncing process.

Option 3 – Have multiple iTunes libraries, each under its own OS user [as [B]mciahel[/B] suggested]: Have multiple operating system user accounts, to have two separate iTunes libraries [1 for each user]. Obviously only really useful for a shared computer, where each user would have his or her own iPod.

Sources: various sites found with this Google search & user experience. :slight_smile:

I’ll check out each option. Thank you so much!