Man taking driver's license test crashes car into building



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Driving-test examiner Laurie Holden said she was deciding whether to give a new driver a passing grade yesterday when the road test ended with him crashing his car through the Rutherford County Driver License Station in Murfreesboro.

The car rammed into the waiting room filled with seated customers — injuring two, the state Department of Safety reported.

They were taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro. Their names and the extent of their injuries were not immediately known.

“I remember telling him to stop as we pulled up to the building,” said Holden, who has worked as an examiner for seven years. “The next thing I knew it was raining bricks all around us.”

Investigators believe the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

The driver’s license station at 1035 Samsonite Blvd. was boarded up and temporarily closed yesterday. Public safety and code enforcement officials weren’t sure whether it would reopen today.

Phyllis Reuhland, the Murfreesboro branch supervisor, said she nearly jumped out of her skin when the crash occurred.

“I was in the back working when I heard something that sounded like a gun shot,” Reuhland said. “When I went to see what happened I saw the front end of the car inside the building.”

Things could have been a lot worse. The station allows only 25 motor-vehicle customers inside at a time. An additional 40 people stood in line outside the building waiting to come in, said Rochelle Bryant, district supervisor for the state’s driver’s license issuance.

“We were lucky we didn’t have 50 people standing and sitting inside because we probably would have had a lot more people hurt,” Bryant said.

The driver, Osman Salah, 25, of Nashville, failed the test and will be eligible to take it again in seven to 30 days :eek: . He could not be reached for comment yesterday. •
God help us all!!!


Thats a great driver. I wonder what he’ll come up with next time? :bigsmile:


This brings back memories. I could type up a real-life event of what I saw an old man do when at the gas station I was managing at the time. I still laugh myself to death when I think about it.


You better not die before you’ve finished typing :wink:
We want to know, we want to know (chant)


Ok, ok… :stuck_out_tongue:

This old man (probably in his mid 60s to early 70s) had just finished filling up his tank, paid for his gas, then returned to his car. He started it, but then instead of putting it in drive, he somehow put it in REVERSE–AND HE FLOORED THE ACCELERATOR and started ‘burning rubber,’ he was going so fast–and started travelling in reverse in this huge arc: he nearly went into a drainage ditch by the street, nearly ran off the curb and into the street, but then was on a trajectory back toward the pumps. There was a pickup truck parked on the opposite side that had just finished filling up, but that’s what he was headed towards, with the trunk of his car taking dead aim on it. Right before he crashed into the rear of the pickup truck, the lady in the passenger side (who’s eyes had gotten as big as saucers), finally shook off the shock of it all long enough to throw open the door, jump out and simultaneously scream “You dumb s–n of a b—h!!!” then CRASHHHHH!!!

The most hilarious thing is that if I could have snapped a photo of the old man’s face when he first started in reverse, everyone would have seen how he looked the whole time: totally normal and unscared, as if he regularly drove in reverse that fast!!! :iagree: It was almost as if he thought he were driving NORMALLY!!! :bigsmile: After the shocked lady paid for her gas and everyone was gone, I must have laughed non-stop for 10 minutes from such a sight! :stuck_out_tongue:


:eek: omg that was a man driver stuff like this is usually reserved for woman drivers :iagree: :clap: (me hides :smiley: )


Living around in this hick backwater would change your mind, because of all the really old people driving. Live here and drive in the area for a year, and you’ll see a lot of things you would have preferred not to. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me of the bald old little codger from the Simpsons that can barely see over the steering wheel. :slight_smile: