Man summons UFO in front of Vegas ABC KTNV-TV news



Man summons UFO in front of Vegas ABC KTNV-TV news

First hour guest, Prophet Yahweh discussed his ability to summon UFOs on demand. The key to summoning UFOs, he explained, is living an upright life. Recently, KTNV-TV in Las Vegas sent an investigative reporter to check out his claims. Their video appears to show Prophet Yahweh calling down a UFO, much to the surprise of the reporter and several onlookers. Prophet Yahweh also announced he will begin calling down UFOs for 45 days starting on June 1, 2005. He said one of the UFOs will come close enough for all of Las Vegas to see, and may linger in the skies for a couple of days.[1].wmv

Here is a link to Prophet Yaweh’s files showing videos of him summoning other UFOS, audio of radio interviews, and other misc material about Prophet Yaweh!

Watch and follow Prophet Yaweh on his quest to spread the news of the coming of Yaweh. Here is a link to his users group. Prophet Yaweh will keep everyone updated with his daily messages leading to the coming of Yaweh in his spaceship decending from the skies over Las vegas. Where it will float off of the ground two days for the whole world to see!

All praise Prophet Yaweh, Seer of Yaweh!!!


Dude, wtf?


What’s this? Preparing for another Contact?


I saw that video, and I have heard the prophet on the radio a few times. I really don’t know what to think about it all, the UFO looked like a big ping pong ball to me.


This guy is ambitious, calling himself “Yaweh”.


Jehova was already taken :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

It has changed my live.