Man sentenced to 33 months in prison for filming in cinema




A man, Philip Danks (25) has been convicted of recording a film (Fast And Furious 6) in a cinema in Walsall and uploading it to the internet. Another man, Michael Bell, was also convicetd and received sentence of 120 hours community service.

A statement distributed by FACT, Det Sgt Rod Rose of West Midlands Police said: “We assisted the Federation Against Copyright Theft throughout this case with search warrants, forcing entry to addresses and making arrests. We also supported with evidence recovery and interviewing suspects.”


The statement from the police is worrying, as it makes it clear who was in charge - an unaccountable trade organisation. Surely a criminal investigation should have been led by the police?

And as this was a straightforward case of copyright infringement, why was it prosecuted as a criminal case rather than a civil case?

When a multi-billion pound company knowingly infringes another’s intellectual property or copyright on a massive scale for profit it is brought to court as a civil case. But when an individual infringes copyright not for personal gain it is a criminal matter. :confused: