Man sends e-mail with his brain

This is exciting, think of all the things we can do with our minds. And think of the all the spam inside my head.

Will this nuke his brain like a mobile phone or is he “plugged in”.

Does it go both ways because as you said the possiblilites for spam are huge if it does. Adverts beamed into your brain.

I’m off to get my tin foil hat.

I dont think it goes both ways yet. But I am sure it will as it would need to in order to be of any use. One more reason to stop spammers.

the better have given him a smap filter. anybody know his email address?

ben :smiley:

the sasser virus gets new potential :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this could either be very good :slight_smile: or very bad :a if it was wireless and shit u could do may things with it like hacking into shit any where with ur mind messin with electronics in planes and stuff all kinda stuff,turn things on and off and such, i think this is the first step befor the robots take over the world…see also terminator,t2,and t3 for more on this subject hahahahahahahahahaha.
then again it could be sweet in some ways maby make it have some memory so u can remember shit better,make u smarter with just a upgrade :bigsmile:like in the matrix :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha woo super human here i come,now only if it can make u fly to that would be the siznit.

i got one of those in my head when i look at girls they appear naked

reminds me of a tv program that was on bbc 2 called the world according to garp, were tv programs were broadcast from this guy after a motorcycle crash. my favorite bit was when they kept changing the words from nixons speech at the brandenburgh gate: this makes me fell like a bin liner.

anyone remember this program?

guess it had to happen sooner or later. i was sotta expecting it. what would really be news wll be when "Man Sends E-mail Using His Butt ! " :slight_smile:

Wow this is amazing!!
Does he get bluescreens?

I wonder what my brains MAC address is… :smiley:

(very cool stuff)

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