Man pleads guilty to hacking school computers, changing grades

Man pleads guilty to hacking school computers, changing grades.

[newsimage][/newsimage]There are plenty of movies and TV series that portray students hacking into their high school’s computer system to falsely improve their performance records. In those shows there never seems to be much of a penalty involved, but one former high school student has found out first hand that the real world punishment for such behavior can actually be quite high.

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Reminds me of the Dual Core song "Void"

It’s interesting that he installed spyware devices to find the passwords. Just yesterday, my friend and I were hypothesizing (hypothetically) installing a key-logger on our school’s system. We weren’t actually planning on doing it, but it was fun to think of the possibilities. We weren’t even interested in changing our grades. This was purely because we want to take OpenDNS out once and for all!