Man of the House-Can't burn!

I use AnyDVD and 1-Click DVD Copy. Was able to copy as Video TS file and play on computer fine. When I go to burn to disk I get an error: VTS_20_0.IFO contains bogus data and can’t be repaired! There are a total of 21 VTS files and when checked AnyDVD CSS Keys log it only shows 19 VTS files.
What can I do to fix this?


Sounds like an Arccos disc with 19 title sets and 2 fake title sets. SONY loves these little jokes. If this is the case, 1click is at fault. It should check the real number of title sets and not assume files on the disc to be useful. Unfortunately this is all guesswork, as you did not provide any helpful information, e.g. the content of AnyDVD’s information window.

Yes it is a Sony disk. Is this what you were talking about?

Summary for drive E:
Drive (Hardware) Region: 1

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (parallel)

Video DVD (or CD) label: MAN_OF_THE_HOUSE
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

Found & removed RCE protection!
Found & removed wrong DVD structure!
Changed firstplay: Jump directly to TitleMenu!
Found & removed structural copy protection (Arccos, Puppetlock)!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 2 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

Yes. It looks that my theory is correct. You could ask 1click support or in the 1click forum for help, I don’t know, if there is a setting in 1click which can be changed. You could try elby CloneDVD2, this should work.

I had no problem at all making a copy of “man of the house” region 1 with CloneDVD2 and anyDVD

There is a setting in 1Click DVD Copy that will copy ONLY the movie. But, not the extras like: menu, subtitles, ect. However if CloneDVD2 can copy everything, I sugest you switch to CloneDVD2! :bow:

What would happen if I just deleted the two bogus VTS (20 & 21) files?

Well, we will see…deleted the two bogus files and burning as we chat…we’ll see what the outcome is.

Worked!!! DVD burned just fine and played fine as well!

Also works with the newest version of AnyDvd and a free program called Dvd Shrink. you can get it free here it’s also works alot faster and is easier to use then Clonedvd2. i wish i knew that b4 i spent money on Clonedvd. Anyone else who tries it, let everybody else know what u think. i was also able to copy Hitch using Anydvd and Dvd Shrink

The money was well spent, DVDShrink is dead in the water and will never be updated, I disagree with you that Shrink is faster and easier to use, I think just the opposite applies.

i tried both programs running Windows Xp 3.6ghz processor. CloneDvd took about an hour, and the new version of Dvd Shrink 3.2, and it took about 45 mins.

i tried both programs running Windows Xp 3.6ghz processor. CloneDvd took about an hour, and the new version of Dvd Shrink 3.2, and it took about 45 mins.

both times are pretty slow an I would say there is someothing wrong with your setup. I am running a 3ghz machine and it never takes me more than 18 min to rip and burn a movie with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD.

I use 1-Click and AnyDVD with 2.8Ghz P4-HT, 512Ram, HP 640b DVD-RW DL, WinXP and average copying time 15-20min (32min longest ever had)-Burning time 12-18min (25min longest ever had) and always have excellent quality!

Hey how about this: 1.2ghz, 512meg, AnyDVD and clonedvd2 8 min ripped, 8 min burn
that’s very slow… lol

Olli I’m glad you rewrite anydvd it will be rock. Another happy camper

Is that your average or fastest time?

it takes that long because the speed of the dvd read and write is slow. i’m just using what came with my laptop. no fancy add-ons. it even takes a little longer to burn cds than with a faster drive. but i’m ok with it. the point is with the dvd shirk, it took less time, 4 me anyway. I will get a faster dvdrw drive later. im sure the speed will increase.

@ whisper024,

You are totally missing the point that Forum Member itzbinnice was attempting to make you aware of the facts concerning the DVD Shrink software program.

Forum Member itzbinnice was being gracious and pointing out to you that the DVD Shrink software program is considered “Dead” software. DVD Shrink is no longer supported, no further development and improvements are being made to the software, and the last time the software was updated is over a year ago.

Concerning the speed of CloneDVD and DVD Shrink. In all instances CloneDVD is faster than DVD Shrink because CloneDVD has a newer designed transcoding engine and a newer designed burn engine than DVD Shrink. Because CloneDVD has newer design technology CloneDVD will be faster than the older and outdated DVD Shrink. If you find CloneDVD is slower in doing its job compared to DVD Shrink you have some type of unidentified problem. I suggest that it would be prudent to look into the reason why CloneDVD is working slower than DVD Shrink in your system.

I believe in the long run in seeing that DVD Shrinks is no longer being improved and that AnyDVD and CloneDVD are routinely updated and improved and on the cutting edge of DVD copying technology you will see the advantages of your purchase of these software programs. As a paying customer it is in your advantage to continue to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD and help in the continuing development and improvements of these products.

Best Regards,

A lot of misinformation here. DVD Shrink does not BURN! It is a ripper and compresser. Comparing burn times is like comparing apples and oranges here. Whisper024 is obviously using Nero or DVD Decryptor to burn if he is using DVD Shrink.

@ bilbo65,

Point noted concerning DVD Shrink and burning.

I seeing that CloneDVD is an all in one program that transcodes and burns if CloneDVD is configure and working properly will be faster than DVD Shrink and any burning program.

The point I am attempting to make for Forum Member whisper024 is that he needs to investigate why CloneDVD is transcodeing and burning slower that his DVD Shrink burning combination.

Best Regards,