Man I need help

Okay I read/searched all day yesterday, tried copying Madden 2003(has SDv2.51) and got 2 coasters. Read/Searched all day today found a bit of info out that I tried with my stuff today. Got 3 more coasters. I have a plextor 8/4/32 cdrw writer. Used Clony XXL and Clone CD 4. Selected Clony XXL each time for the settings. Then I tried the CdFreaks profile settings. Then I found the trick to get the AWS settings for CCD4. Used that. I tried to install the last copy I made and it freezes on installation (when it starts installing it hits PLADATA or something to that) I searched the forums to see if anyone else is running the drive I have and even searched other places only found some ppl have the 12/10 plextor. I really need some help. I can get it to install on a few coaster but when I go to play the game the start up screen just sits there. Its why I consider them to be coasters. Can anyone help me out here. I spent my whole weekend trying to back my game up. Please please :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :

The drive will not work I think, its too old.

Dont think it will support AWS. ( EMF encoding.)

You should try reading and writing the game with the SafeDisc 2(.51) [AWS]’ Profile. When playing the back-up from your writer you need to enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ in the CloneCD-tray. If this doesn’t work you’re out of luck. You can then try BetaBlocker as a last resort… Good luck!

Okay thanks guys. I did get beta blocker but waited to try it until I heard from someone hear. Trying to cut down on the coaster :smiley: I was afraid of the burner being to old. :frowning: Know of a good burner out there that’ll cover most new protections?:bow:

That question has been asked many, many times. This thread is a good point to start :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me what sector amount to type in BetaBlocker for Madden 2003 with (clony xxl says) SD v2.51. Is 0-1000 enough or does it require 0-2000 or? I tried searching but came up with only Gta3 and Betablocker.
Thanks :bow:

I noticed I cant find where to set the speed for my reader? I also noticed a few other settings I cannot find in ccd4.
such as these; Fast Error Skip Settings “ON”; unchecked abort errors, report errors, Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
Is this due to my reader(toshiba xm6702B)?
This is also a setting I cant find for my writer;
close last session checked
If this isnt because of my drives can anyone tell me where I find them. I right clicked each drive and only see sub channel data and audio and cd text boxes to check and the fast error skip tab with read retries and error correction drop box. My plextor settings have the same thing for reading and when I use it to write I only get to set the speed and laser option and aws. It does not buffer underrun protection.

The weak sectors found on SafeDisc v2.51.021 are in the first 500 sectors of the disc so 1000 as scan range should be sufficient. The settings you mention and thing like the read speed are present in the Profiles you use to read and write the games with. Right click on the Profile and select Edit:

Normally you don’t have to set-up the Profiles you want to use. The default Profiles should work ok and you can also use custom Profiles (see my signature for a link).

ah! thanks G@M3FR3@K :bow: