Man I hate Prodisc CD-Rs

Okay, a couple of years back I bought some Prodisc CD-Rs (by mistake under the Fuji label). Anyways, I didn’t start using them until recently because I put them away somewhere safe and I forgot about them. anyways, I have already had about 7 coasters out of the 25 discs or so that I have burned. I certainly won’t be making that mistake again. Never had an issue with TY CD-Rs on my 109, that is for sure. :wink:

Unburned blanks have a life expectancy, so to store them for to long can kill them :frowning:

This life expectancy is also alot less than when burned I have read :frowning:

Yeah, I figured as much. Probably didn’t help that they were POS Prodisc.

prodisc are great media in my experinces


Have some noname-Prodisc (labeled) and never had a coaster :slight_smile:

I have some Prodisc id cdr from 2000 i used for backup. I’ve been able to save up to app. 75% of the data from them. Quite a lot of unrecoverable actually. Whenever i bought cheap 1-time cdr lately the id is usually Prodisc (also CMC) All good for nothings - some Prodisc audio cd don’t even work 1 time - Oh well, cheap crap. What did i expect :doh:
In the future my cheap crap cdr will be Verbatim Datalife or similar. Pastels if i have to use them more than once and genuine TY for the keepers :iagree: No more Prodisc!

To each their own, even the spindles I have had that didn’t sit for more than a couple months and they still scratch, skip, deteriorate, ect. faster than any other media that I have tried. At least for CD-Rs anyways.


My 5 year old Prodisc CDR-media have some C1 and C2-errors, but they are can be read with any drive I´ve tried at full speed. Can´t say the same from my Ritek and Gigastorage

I got some Verbatim Inkjet printable 52X CDRs from Sams Club. They were all Prodisc and didnt have a single coaster - all with excellent scans too. Zero PIFs and very less PIs.

CD-R don´t have PI and PIF, only C1 and C2 (Plextor shows CU, too)

Oops, yeah I meant to say that…just that I’ve been scanning DVDs and not CDs for a while now :doh:

Prodisc CDRs are great IMHO

I read the same printed by a manufacturer. I wish I could remember if the unburned lifespan was 3 or 7 years.