Man has inveted a CAR that runs on Water!



well this man in the US has invented a car that runs on water !!! :eek:
I have hard to belive it , but as show in the videoclip in the link it seems to be working , but I do fear that this is just a joke ore something … never heard about it berfor today …


Open in Windows Media Player ore just rightclick and “save as”


as far as i know that was published a vew yaers ago to, but if they will put it on the market, not sure about that.

becouse they can still can make money on fuel and gas, while water is cheap.

Still it must have drawbacks, otherwise we’d all be powering along in watery vehicles by now.


not sure about that money is fairly cheap, and cant make big money out it while fuell costs allot and is a great income.

but then again if they cant make money on fuel the will find something else


Water isn’t cheap.

Can I point out that most countries in the world have water issues. Those that don’t are too busy educating their citizens about treating disgusting diseases, by not drinking sewerage water running down the street, to worry about fixing their water issues:p

Australia has water shortages about 80% of the time.
China doesn’t have drinkable water. Except that which is imported in bottles.
European men are turning into nancy boys, thanks to the water being repeatedly filtered through the hormone riddled kidneys of women popping birth control pills.

At the moment, I think water comes in about $1 a litre from a bottle (retail).
That’s about 2/3 the price of fuel atm. Once every car on the road starts using water, the price is gonna sky rocket, not to mention the water shortage issues. And yes I know that when you break water into hydrogen & oxygen & make it go bang, it goes back to water … but someone’ll find a new way to ensure wastage.

Besides, oil companies aren’t gonna let that sort of technology out of the bag. The scientist will either sell the patents to the oil companies, or the oil companies will give him a burlap bag, a few bricks and a nice waterfront view … for a few seconds.

To top it off, Hydrogen is rather … um … volatile … and tends to explode at the drop of a Hat … literally. INSANEHAT!
To top it off, the energy required to convert water into it’s chemical constituents is tremendous. You won’t be helping the environment by plugging in your water car, so it can refuel overnight. The electricity from the grid is mostly generated from fossil fuels anyway, except in places where the residents have a healthy green glow at night :slight_smile:


And why would you need drinkable water to run your car, eh debro? :wink:
Looking at my map, there’s plenty of water around Australia :stuck_out_tongue:
And a water shortage, heck havent you heard about the polar icecaps? :wink:
Lots of smilies in this post :bigsmile:


I wouldnt imagine it could run on drinking water, more likely distilled water, and if the waste water that came out was the same as it went in, you could put back into the engine, and continue to run your car until all the water evaporates.


by making the water hot it start to boil. heat means energie energie can be used for making machines run, i dont know allot of it but heat means energie, so its possible to make it run on water


And how are you gonna heat the water?


hey dont ask me everything :stuck_out_tongue:
before you go cook some water so it can start -.-
the rest will get warm in the end :stuck_out_tongue:


It is a steam powered car! The future! :bow:


Didn´t Ford also have a water car?

Sure I saw it on top gear once???


They never mentioned how much electricity is needed to turn the water into fuel. Probably a HUGE current. I bet that’s one of the shortfalls.

Airhead: I wonder what Clarkson would have to say about this. I still have to watch last nights episode of top gear. Might have to leave work early for that!


it is better for nature and stuff, there is not polution or annything, so let it come :slight_smile:


I would expect for best results, you’d need distilled water, although I guess saltwater would be okay too (since salt conducts electricity).

But you certainly don’t want little bits of crap floating through it. Hell … the catalytic converters already change all those nasty fumes into rotten egg gas and I reckon that’s bad enough :stuck_out_tongue:

But what about china? What can you do there! Damn! You’d spend 1/2 of every day cleaning the muck out of your fuel tank :stuck_out_tongue:
Damn, I’d hate to have to syphon fuel out of someones tank!
Ewwwww! Nay, that dredges levels of "Ew"dom hitherto unchronicled.

Polar icecaps? Don’t they like, keep the world from flooding or something?


Sure they do, any car manufacturer with self respect have epxerimented with fuel cells. GM has this thing


Precisely! And now that we are successfully melting them, a shortage of water is the least of our problems! :bigsmile:

And Clarkson drove a 7 litre american thing yesterday, so he’d probably be dissappointed. And its great for melting icecaps too!


And to think I live 10 minutes away from 1/4 of the earths fresh water supply I feel the need to take a P (yellow gold) :bigsmile:

ps Canada caught some tankers filling up with water. They made them empty out and banned them. Oil $70 a barrel, Water $2000 a barrel, It’s only fair.

Without oil things will grind to a halt, without water things allready halted. Life can be a real Bit_ch sometimes.


Even if it has to mix with salt water. YEK


I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. Exactlly how much money are the oil companies liable to loose if cars started running on water? You have some countries who’s whole economy is oil. I doubt they would take kindly to it and I have heard stories about them purchasing the rights to alternative fuel ideas in the past (suposedly to research them, lol).

As far as the volatile nature of hydrogen, I honestly don’t think it would be a problem with the proper research (which the oil companies have interest in because they don’t want it to happen).
I have heard of several diffrent therorys on stabalizing hydrogen, some as simple as combining it with a chemical (similar to the way acetone stabalizes acetylene), though I think the problem with that was seperating if back out from the chemical for use.

If the oil companies stood to profit from it, I think we would already have water powered cars, but as they will tend to loose a fortune?