Man finds child pornography on DVD rewriter - Dixons' mistake

I just posted the article Man finds child pornography on DVD rewriter - Dixons’ mistake.

Buying a DVD-RW drive and finding child pornography on it, is not something you would like to happen. But a man in Birmingham, the UK found a DVD containing sexual actions with children on a drive…

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Lock them all up!!!

When I was 14 or 15 I worked in Dixons for a week as part of the “work experience” thing at my school. I have a reasonable guess at what happened here. Dixons are notorious for reselling second hand stuff that peolpe have brought back as new. I remember some guy bought a PC, and unhappy with the service from Dixons took it back. He then proceeded to buy the same one from Currys (not knowing that Currys is part of Dixons) only to find that he got the same PC back with all his old files on it!! So what might have happened here is that said paedophile was not happy with his purchase, returned the item, and Dixons resold it to somebody else. It has happened before where people get dodgy tapes with “new” video recorders.

burn all the paedophile cocksucks:(

laughing hysterically at those sick bastards! was R Kelly on the CD?! :4 :4 :4 :4 :4


Did he do this on purpose though?May i suppose he is gonna taking advantage of that and asking money for the whole thing???That would be v v v cheaky i’d say… IMO and if it was me…i would have kept the dvd and forget about it…After all Kazaa is full of whatever you need…His kid isnt gonna start knowing hows life from just a single DVD…such “thoughts”(what if my kid and blah blah blah…) make me feel sick…What if his kid was gonna become GAY after a while…would that hurt him?FFS…

Absoluitely right what you say Evil_Ally about the reselling of second hand or fixed products as new at Dixons/Currys (and PC World) Good news about the sick bastards with the kiddie porn - a guy in the same town has been arrested for a variety of child porn offences. Makes me wish the UK still had the death penalty…

Come on guyz…Dont TELL me know no one of you had pronography in their pcs…cos THAT WAY everyone should be killed according to your opinion…

Listen and remember: PORNOGRAPHY is one thing (anyway a kind of pleasure and fun), but PEDOPHILY is absolutely A CRIME, one of the most horrible ones !!! REMEMBER.

I’ve always thought the articles on ananova were false. I certainly wouldn’t believe anything on that site, including this story. Next thing we’ll be reading about Onion stories on here as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Paedophiles are sick, not evil. They need treatment. Nobody deserves to die.

pedophiles are EVIL, there is no treatment for them, never has been, NEVER will be. our societies should not tolerate them, and they should never be allowed to live in our societies. the world has no place for such sick and disgusting people.