Man faces up to 17 years for 1st breach of US camcorder law

I just posted the article Man faces up to 17 years for 1st breach of US camcorder law.


Camcorder federal law which came in to effect from April to criminalise the use of any sort of video camera in a theatre has seen its first use with the arrest of a Missouri…

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so if i go to my local high school and rape a freshman i’ll get out before this guy. right…

[sarcasm] Damn 17 years! Is that all? What’s this world coming too? [/end sarcasm]

how do you guys afford to keep all these guys in jail? lol. I read about all these longass sentences for lame offenses, and I wonder how expensive it is to keep 'em jailed, especially in relation to the severity of the offence?

They affored it by charging us higher taxes. So were the ones paying for it.:slight_smile: isnt that great

Here we are carrying on in the USA about about terrorists threatening our freedom and here we have out own govenrment carrying on like the KGB of the old Soviet Union. The biggest threat to this free society is becoming the RIAA/MPAA, the crooked politicians they own and our own federal agencies being lead around like a pack of wolves hungry for a bone. Makes me ashamed to say I am an American when you look at the way these Federal agencies and police agencies are carrying on over the entertainment racketteers. So again…the end justifies the means? I hope the judge in this case hasn’t been bought off. No compassionate human being in his right friggen mind would put this kid away for the sake of a bunch of those ass shakin’, tip toeing, greedy bastards in Hollywood.
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Lol guys, 17 years!! This is crazy! What the **** is happening in the USA?? Some time ago it was the land of freedom and justice…now it is the land of fucking corporations. [Removed swearing]
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Geez, Chambers the preppy killer got less then that!

Hmm seems like you guys in the States have a new law “1 STRIKE AND YOUR OUT”

17 years for this crap and a drunk driver gets a slap on the wrist. I guess we know who PAYS for the “justice” system.

It costs an average of $30,000 a year to keep an individual in prison. 17x30000=$510,000 That’s a half-million bucks!:frowning: I can’t believe I’m paying for this Sh*t. We let these Joseph Duncan psychos out on bail to kill children yet we have no problem putting this guy in prison for what is really a minor offense. Unbelievable!

sorry falks, but i did not vote for bush. what can i say…money matters; now gun makers & dealers are immune from any lawsuits…it is official & any technology that can be used for piracy is illegal & the creater is liable…of course, it is official…at least in us & us is pushing these to other nations witht the trade agreement to think about it we americans don’t know what’s just & right…only money matters…since the day of independence. like many indicated, raping & murdering can be now considered less crime than making a “illegal” copy of movie maybe, us will be run by companies like m$ and $ony btw, i feel sorry for those poor japanese kids as it is not far away to realize the trading & selling & exchanging used games/music/movies would be illegal

As far as I know, the RIAA and MPAA are supported by both Democrats and Republicans. IMHO this case wouldn’t have been any different if John Kerry were elected. It’s just politics as usual. :frowning:

My god, what do the people think in America? If I kill a human in Germany I get 15 years prison

Who ever has the gold makes the rules its been that way forever, from Kings & Queens to now Corporations & big business. It doesn’t matter were you live, to what country you belong, who ever has the gold makes the rules. Further more gold is more important than people to Kings Queens and Corporations, which is why rape and other more sinister criminal offences are less punished than when you violate copyright of a product. I don’t know of a way to ever break this cycle as it has never been done, but maybe there will be a future system with a man smart enough to break this cycle.
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WE HAVE THE POWER not them but we keep putting the dollars over the counter that is whats wrong here stop the cash flow and they will sit up and take note thats all we need to do

People, he could get up to 17 years. That doesn’t mean he will- in fact, he won’t get anything close to that. He get less than 6 months, if he does any time at all.

Hahahaha, the government has been conning people since the 1900’s began the most. It uses obscurity and mass manipulation techniques to justify and deny claims against them. Jesus, remember when people believed aliens had landed due to radio tuning gullible masses. We are being extorted and lied to on a daily bases to keep the lies hidden through misdirection. They are sending messages through these arrests that they have the means to arrest and take freedom away - this is the first step - fear. Intimidate the mass public into believing that images, words, and songs are PROTECTED CONTENT - do not copy. Our food (feed) is even PROTECTED CONTECT copyrighted on the genetic basis from slight modifications of genes using virii to resist the harsher pesticides and kill some bugs when eaten. Life is copyrighted, what’s next?:B

90%! Cams? Shit… cant they wait for a TeleCine and just get that?