Man charged over tsunami e-mails



A man has been charged in connection with hoax e-mails which were sent to relatives of people missing following the Asian tsunami.

A perfect case for post-natal abortion if ever i heard it, bstrd :a


:iagree: Yup! :iagree:
Some people have a very skewed concept of what’s funny.


Life is sad.


:iagree: Sometimes :iagree:
And you don’t some a$$hole to make life more so.


Can’t we execute some idea’s from the worst pain/torture imaginable thread on this guy?


Tsunami ‘wave rat’ had best intentions, mother says


@Namoh Amen.

I bet hes enjoying the publicity hes getting from this, id like to see him banged up though!!!


I would really like to execute some of those “idea’s” from that thread on him … merther02, wanna help.