Man caught with 4.000 pirated copies in car - and it was stuffed

I just posted the article Man caught with 4.000 pirated copies in car - and it was stuffed.

The German police has caught a software pirate that had 4000 copies in his car. The heavily loaded car was stopped by the police and a 39 yeard old English man was arrested.


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This is about cracking down on people who copy and sell so all seems to be ok. If he didn’t sell the 4000 CDs, I would say FUCK the German police.

I meant to say if he was not gona sell the 4000 CDs, then fuck the German police.

IMHO this geezer deserves to be dragged from behind his stack of pirate software, through the side window of his motor and promptly heavily beaten with a shity stick. This sort of greedy caper really does fuck things up for everyone. Ha Ha though, you’d think he’d have hidden them a bit better though the stupid sod ! :4

I truly Know this guy, he has 4000 computers at home. Leave him free! :+

now I know why the poms never got a man on the moon…:4…:4…:7

Should take this @$$hole to the street and shoot him in the head… Show people what they will get if they don’t behave… and follow the discipline! Facist rules…

4000 copies and he was NOT going to sell them? I gotta bridge you might be intrested in…

WHAT THE HELLL DOES HE DO with 4000 copies but NOT going to sell them ?? C’on,UofM3000 ,let the German police :+ you (just kidding :slight_smile:

Next time he will rent a big truck, so he can take 40.000 copies with him and still drive without steering obstructions. But then he will probably be caught because he was using his GSM while driving … :r