Man accidently runs over wife twice

Aug 10, 11:17 AM (ET)

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 75-year-old German was so shocked he had accidentally run down his wife he started forward and drove over her again, authorities said Wednesday.

Police in the western town of Bad Nauheim said the man compounded his 73-year-old wife’s misery after an onlooker told him he had just run her over while backing out of a parking space. The woman was rushed to hospital and survived.

Hahaha too bad there were no cameras around. Old people, go back where you came from!

lmao he was hard of hearing and thought they said…DO it again …lmao i’m sorry but dang thats funny as heck…not ONCE but TWICE…lmao did he NOT feel the bump…?

Hey Airhead, getting Old is no disgrace, just awful unhandy. You too will (Probably) grow old.

You need to play GTA Vice City to understand my elegant reference :flower:

Mission: … NOT accomplished. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like having accidents like that too, some days … well most days.

doesn’t your girl lurk around this forum as well? :slight_smile:

“accident” … the old man wants to get free IMHO :smiley:

Yes, but she’d have to search 5200 posts to find this one :wink:

I could make it a lot easier for her :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, tis Okay, she’s looking over my shoulder anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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