Mame32 problem

yesterday i downloaded mame32 everything good but each rom i download mame32 does not see any of this roms does anybody have any idea i doubt it but maybe im doing something wrong please can anybody help me out i would really be great full i miss playing does old arcade games thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The version of the roms need to match the version of mame32
Find out what version roms you have, and make sure the mame32
you have is the same version. If not, get the proper version.

If the versions match, make sure you don’t unzip the roms.
Place the still zipped roms in the “roms” folder in mame32.

After starting up mame32, you need to do an “Audit” so that mame
can check the roms to insure they are intact, and the correct version.
(chose “file/audit all games”)

If the roms are good, and the correct matching version, the games
icons should turn green in the list. If they are red, the roms are
bad, or the wrong version.

Hope that helps.

[I]There are tons of mame links with various revs and help.
A google search of “mame32” should help you if you’re still stuck.[/I]

thank’s alot bro i will give that a try but how can i check if the versions match to each other from right click and click properties ?

Not sure if there really is a way to tell. (or I just don’t know)
Usually the site you get them from lists what version it plays with.
I’m no expert, but I went through what you’re going through, and all
my issues were always rom versions, or totally bad roms.
You could check the date on the properties of the rom, and see
if it is close to the date on the mame32 version you have.

Might be a better answer at one of these…

Here’s a pretty good mame site with various revs and FAQs.
Emulator Zone

and here’s a forum specific to mame.

When you do the “audit”, it gives you a display of what mame thinks
is wrong with the rom - it might point you in the right direction.
If the Icon goes yellow, try to play the game anyways. Sometimes it’s
just a missing an audio voice clip, but the game will still run fine.

Try a really old game like space invaders first. It’s less likely to change
with mame rev changes.

good luck…