Mame and NES

Is mame and nes roms legal to share and use?

MAME itself i am sure is legal.

but as far as the ROMS… my guess the general idea behind that is if you don’t own the arcade board etc to the ROM your using then technically you ain’t ‘legally’ entitled to use it.

i am sure the Moderator’s here will say something similar to what i said above.

but sometimes you can’t even get a arcade board etc to a game you want anyways, so… :wink:

p.s. my primary use for MAME arcade emulator BY FAR is for the old school 2D Mortal Kombat games (i.e. MK1/MK2/MK3/UMK3) as i used to play those (MK2/3/UMK3) in the arcades back in the mid 1990’s and to this day there still BY FAR my favorite fighting games, especially Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 when playing against another human player. i also got a ‘X-Arcade’ joystick and it works great with MAME once setup properly.

it’s funny you say that. this guy that bullied me would play that all the time during lunch break. I swore to myself that I would master the game and kick his ass. Well I didn’t master the game, and he did kick my ass, buy at least I got a few sucker punches in. I wonder if I can find him on facebook and have a rematch?

My favourite game is the old vector starwars game. I seen that they have a new one at the arcade section of the movie theatre. Then ofcourse there’s galaga, kungfu, killer instinct, golden axe, 1942, . There’s some cool mame diy arcade machines on the interweb. Yes must need a joystick

yeah, ‘Killer Instinct’ i also remember back in the day (roughly mid 1990’s to) in the arcades :wink: (the place that had ‘Killer Instinct’ also had ‘Mortal Kombat 3’ near it)

…and while i liked that to, UMK3 i find to be ‘the best’, especially for 2 player stuff since it’s combo system etc makes it great for 2 players. it’s quick and simple to pick up and play game, but takes quite a bit of skill to master :wink:

but basically… all (or almost all) fighting games besides the Mortal Kombat series (especially UMK3) and Killer Instinct feel like your just ‘jamming on buttons’ more than actually PLAYING the game. lol (which is why games like Tekken/Virtua Fighter etc etc all suck)

p.s. it was funny seeing the ‘coming soon for the ULTRA 64’ stuff when watching the Killer Instinct intro etc loop which of course was referring to the ‘Nintendo 64’ but it must have been made prior to the Nintendo 64 name being finalized. :wink: