Mambo launches first manageable MP3 CD player

I just posted the article Mambo launches first manageable MP3 CD player.

Mambo send us a press release that announces their latest product, the Mambo-X P303. You are able to download files to the player by using its infrared port. Also you can manage the MP3’s by using…

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Hmmm… very interesting. I like the way they handle navigating folders and such with the LCD remote on the headphones. Japan has been doing something like that for quite some time with CD players, but it’s a godsend for MP3 Discmans. Would hate to lose that set of headphones, though. :slight_smile:

Mambo sucks… check their previous product review, you will find out why!

The trend now is toward small, 8cm-CD MP3 players (like the Philips Expanium and Freecom Beatman signalled by CDFreaks) - no more large, bulky units, thank you - they’re supposed to be wearable, right?

The Mambo Link thing is great. I finally found something usefull for my new Palm M100. :slight_smile: