MAM4XG02 Media write strategy


I’ve gone and done something rather dumb. I’ve bought some media from the cdfreaks shop, based solely upon the information given by the cdfreaks shop. Later I read that this media should be avoided, but by then it was already too late.

According to the information from the shop, my 811s should be able to burn the media at 4 speed using firmware VHSTW (that firmware doesn’t even exist!). Furthermore the media should be useable as backup disc for xbox games and DVD movies.

Burning made clear that the discs were not as advertised. I could only burn at 2 speed (there is no MAM4XG02 media code in the firmware, not even in the latest, HS0R. My xbox (with Phillips DVD reader) doesn’t recognise the burnt discs, but my DVD player (Pioneer DV525) seems to be able to at least play the movie.

I changed the media code MAM4XG01 to MAM4XG02 in the firmware using a hex editor, so that it should ‘recognise’ the disc and burn @ 4 speed. This works, but is probably not using the optimal write strategy. The disc is still not recognised by my xbox but seems to play ok on my DVD player.

Does anybody have experiences with this media? Can anyone make a recomendation regarding write strategy? (I’m using omnipatcher)



Is there nobody that has experience with these discs? Even if not with 811?