MAM-E Mitsui 4x DVD-R with Sony DRU 500AX



I’ve got a Sony DRU 500AX with firmware 2.0f. Till now the only brand I tried were Princo 4x DVD-R. The media will not burn @ 4x.
I’m wonderd if MAM-E Mitsui 4x DVD-R media like the ones at the CDFreaksShop will.

Thanks in advance,



It should work with MAM media. However Mam-e DVD-R 4x Media incombination with Sony dvd-burners have still some compatibility problems. On ver old dvd players there are some replay problems.
MAM-E and Sony are trying to fix it with a firmware infact the newest firmware could allready fixed it since I don’t know when Sony released a new firmware and this news is some months old.
There are only this compatibility problems with the 4x media. The 2x media works fine.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll take the slight problem for granted. Gonna check them out soon.