MAM-E/CSI quitting?

Don’t know what’s going on.

Over the months I have seen a lot of rumours about MAM and they stopping production for some reason. (For the good reputation of cdfreaks I wouldn’t put them here !)

What I did notice is that
CSI/MAM-E online store isn’t selling media any more.

Only cheap printcartridges for some printers and Cases.

Also I’m hearing from some store owners that they can not get any MAM media at the moment.

However there american devision seems to be still active seeing they are producing Delkin Gold.

So anyone else knows what going on ?
Have CSI/MAM-E stopped production in Europe and is MAM-A the only part which is still operational ?

I hope it has!

Update a swiss companny seems to have acquired MAM-E and Mam-A from CSI liquidation.

It seems they will use the Kodak brand name in europe (and they will sell gold media. (wonder if that is with Mitsubsihi code !))

So it seems that CSI is no longer there.

Let’s hope that the new owners can put MAM back on track and with that I mean like it was in the old days when it was Mitsui !