MAM-E CDR's high C1 errors?

I have a LG GCE 8160b cd writer and I’m having problems with MAM-E(Mitsui) cdr’s.

After burning I get the following results:
(note: I ordered these cd’s at the cdfreaks shop last week)

I also have 2 spindles(25) MAM-E which I ordered a few months ago.

I also have some TDK CD-R80 reflex ultra 16x (Ritek), and they show the following results:

Are those MAM-E cd’s bad media, or are those C1 errors not that bad as they look?

Thanks for any advice given,
Eyes :eek:

Most people run C1/C2 tests at max speed. But those error levels are well within acceptable limits. Also there are no C2, which is a very good thing.