MAM-A Grade Media, is it better?

Most threads address “Brand” of media which is very helpful, however I need this goups input on one particular area MAM-A Grade media.

The story line goes: longer lasting, more durable etc…

As a duplicator we moving in a direction that could use your response. We have seen recently the growth in Health Care Sector around the use of pre-printed blank media for digital imaging. This can take many forms but one that stands out is HIPPA requirement(s) patients have access too their records and they will be provided a copy.

We are very curious what kind of response each can provide. Knowledge of the disc or current usage. Maybe even a radiologist might be in the group

Not to mention CD Digital Cards new offering Rub 'n Smell Disc

So you want reliable archive type media that is also durable?

I’d recommend Verbatim Medical Grade or Verbatim video Gard discs. Both offer a scratch proof surface that is much more resistant than a regular one. They are also very good quality discs, should last very long as well.

MAM-A is not that good in my opinion. They are overpriced and verbatim kicks their butts in all areas.

There’s also Verbatim UltraLife Gold Archival Grade with a gold+silver reflective layer and scratch resistant coating.

The question about these MAM discs pops rather often.

The consensual reply from most advanced users here is more or less: don’t bother, it’s mostly marketing bullshit and for the price of their “A-grade” ( :rolleyes: ) discs, you can buy better stuff, like the discs mentioned by [B]cd pirate[/B] and [B]DrageMester[/B].

Personally I would suggest Maxell BQ 8x DVD-Rs or MPO Gold 4x DVD+Rs. Either of those will be your best bet in terms of longevity (at least according to my own real world ageing results, as opposed to accelerated ageing). If you’re in the USA, then Maxell BQ is probably the easiest to get of the two.

I’ve worked with MAM-A products a lot personally, and more and more they seem to be falling apart. Their CD-Rs used to be incredible, but they changed. Their Gold DVD-Rs used to be quite good, but they changed. Now I don’t think they make any really worth while products anymore.