Malwarebytes update causes severe rapid RAM leak


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Malwarebytes has released a faulty update that quickly leads to its service consuming the available RAM.


This happened to me today, and Malwarebytes has been causing me hassle for a while. It was suggested I reinstalled it, but it then cancelled my lifetime subscription!
Well, I damn sick of it, so it’s now gone.

How strange, I’ve been limping on with this 7 rig for about a year and it was getting slower and slower. I had to wait around 8 minutes before signing in, or I would just get a black screen. Firefox would also take several Minutes to open, everything was slow, now It’s all gone back to being very quick and I now know what caused it.

Kaspersky and the Cisco antimalware in my router always cought the bad stuff first anyway. With the ridiculous price of the yearly subscription, I think Malwarebytes has had it’s day, especially with all the bad updates they dish out. What once was good, is now a load of trash.


I discovered this issue today before seeing this headline. My system was seriously bogged down.


Glad I don’t use malwarebytes or install it.


I’ve used Malwarebytes for years. I’ve run into no more issues with it than any other piece of software. Yes, there was an issue. Yes, it was pretty annoying. It was not, however, catastrophic.

What this situation demonstrated is that Malwarebytes’ QC process before pushing an update isn’t up to snuff. Similar issues have happened to other major AV vendors (ie Kaspersky, ESET, Symantec, etc) over the years resulting in changes and additional QC steps being added into the process. This generally only happens once a vendor pushes an awful update that leads to many serious issues. Looks like Malwarebytes just made one of those mistakes that highlights a weakness in the QC process and hopefully they learned a valuable lesson. Unlike some other AV vendors they did not, however, leave people with unbootable systems so this wasn’t catastrophic.


Just send a email to malewarebytes they will fix the issue for you if you have a lifetime key.


Thanks ILLP, I will do that for maybe future use. at the moment I really think this rig works so much faster without it. I installed the free version and it slowed the machine down too much, so it’s now gone for good on this rig. I’m going to disable it on my Windows 10 machine and see what happens. I have a feeling that Malwarebytes has been optimised for Windows 10.

Oh yes, not a disaster, well it was for me as I was recording a live concert my wife was in and that was 3 hours of unrepeatable music lost. I’m really not happy with that. I did have permission to record it as others in the orchetra wanted a copy as well. (out of copyright material) I have a very red face and a ruined reputation.


It shouldn’t matter free or licensed they caused the problem they fix the problem no exceptions. But with story like this-will live on now that we are Online 24/7 any mistakes is recorded in history and archived somewhere now.


The problem has already been fixed just need to run update
And yes I know they should have tested it better first ,same as Microsoft on there patches but that is what it has come to.


AS they say even the best Software companies make mistakes S*** Happens