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Changes in Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
• Engine (DLL) code re-write to improve stability and compatibility.
• Added mitigations DEP Enformcement, Anti-HeapSpraying and BottomUp ASLR.
• Added new Layer0 “Application Hardening” protections.
• Added Layer1 new generic ROP protection mitigations.
• Added Layer1 new StackPivoting 64bit protection mitigation.
• Added Layer2 new caller mitigations for 64bits.
• Added Layer3 new application behavior mitigations.
• Added trial mode to allow for testing of Premium version.
• Added Quarantine of blocked payloads from Layer3 detections.
• Added filename details for default and custom shields.
• Added graphic user interface bitmaps.
• Added new “Protection stopped” traybar balloon.
• Added new counter which counts apps instead of processes.
• Improved IPC communication between Service and protection DLL.
• Improved management of 64bit processes by keeping mbae64.exe running.
• Improved “other” custom shield profile to reduce potential FPs.
• Improved Foxit Reader default shield to shield the latest version.
• Improved exploit threat telemetry and logging.
• Fixed false positive when opening Word or Excel under certain conditions.
• Fixed false positive when installing and running Silverlight for the first time.
• Fixed injection driver to resolve conflicts with third-party applications.
• Fixed multi-select and edit options in Shields and Exclusions tab.
• Fixed traybar icon right-click bug under Windows 8.1.
• Fixed UI closing when right-clicking on traybar icon.
• Fixed bug when double-clicking the traybar icon with UI open.
• Fixed issues with shielded apps counter with Chrome and Java.
• Fixed bug when uninjecting under certain conditions.
• Fixed remaining issues which caused Java FPs under certain conditions.
• Fixed DoS condition in the MBAE driver.
• Fixed memory leak under Windows 8.
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