Malware in DVDFab installer?

Please forgive me if this has been posted before.
I downloaded DVDFab a week or so ago.
When I started the install process my ‘Spybot S&D’ picked up some sort of spyware or malware contained within the code. Something like winfix2005 or winfixer2005 ??.
I (probably foolishly) disabled Spybot assuming that I’d be able to scan & remove any spyware afterwards, however after DVDFab was installed I scanned everything and it showed clean.

I’ve not seen any obvious symptoms, but I’m worried something may be lurking.
Anyone else had this problem on the install ?

Not sure if it has been posted here but someone else did the same thing. Fengtao said it did not have any malware.

Thanks bigmac - I’m sure I read about it on a forum somewhere too.
You’ve put my mind at rest a little anyway. :cool: