Malaysian authorities pull plug on pirate sing-a-long bar

I just posted the article Malaysian authorities pull plug on pirate sing-a-long bar.

 According  to this news story from the Associated Press, the Malaysian  government along with the BSA or Business Software Alliance, has performed a  raid in the capitol city of...
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What’s next, door to door searches. Heck I bet even if I can prove I own my music they’ll still put me away for something. :r

There’s got to be more to the story than just this. In 99% of the bars in Malasyia 100% of the music played is pirated MP3 files. The owners of these 3 businesses must have done something to really piss off the local officials.

Now that it has started in Asia it wont be long until it starts in the USA and Europe…How long do you think it will be before you get busted for walking down the street whistling a tune or the street musicians are being hauled away in police wagons? People go to and check out the legislation that is on the table right now in the USA. When is the public going to get some balls and start the backlash against the RIAA or MPAA? Probably never. We have sat on our butts for months and what have we done except talk? Aren’t we past the threshold yet or do they have to kick our doors in before we get a clue about what is happening? When are we going to send the signal to the entertaiment industry that there are far more valuable and important products than theirs? When do we tell our governments that the entertainment industry’s agenda is not the national agenda? When are we, as individuals, going to stop supporting these jack booted organizations? The industry has calculated very well the apathy factor and they are using it to their full and profitable advantage while we serve as the sacraficial lambs.

Dude… Shut up.