Malaysian Artists: Harder punishment for pirates - Use a whip!

I just posted the article Malaysian Artists: Harder punishment for pirates - Use a whip!.

A Malaysian website reports that artists in Malaysia, a country notorious for it’s piracy problems, have told the goverment it wants harder actions against pirates. The group thinks whipping and…

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Damm, whipping… LORL!!! oh, Sally please spank me :wink: What i joke… So if i get caught with my girlfriend, are we then forced to have S/M sex? If this is so, i’m gonna charge them in a ‘per minute way’ :wink: LOL

This is just bullshit that the USA relationship with another country would be poor just because of some countries copyright laws. What laws another country has on non violent activities is completely there own business. Fortunately this seems to be only about people who copy and sell in countries where it this happens a lot. So nothing will get too bad. The only problem once again is that the crack down on people who copy and sell, could be taken one step too far to where there wants to be a crackdown on home copying which would make me disgusted!!!

and I propose whipping and jail sentences for american senators found to be lining their pockets with “baksheesh” from big corporations…:7