Malaysia seizes 487 DVD burners in crackdown on movie piracy



I just posted the article Malaysia seizes 487 DVD burners in crackdown on movie piracy.

Malaysia is cracking down on its movie pirates. The Asian country that’s known of its quick growth and innovative strategy is now doing its best to stop the ongoing piracy. Malaysian officials have…

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What’s an OEM burner cost? 25 bux? 25x500 is 12500, i guess thats a pretty decent dent, allthough I wonder how much these guys were pulling in.


I don’t know how much impact this will have most of the pirated movies that come out of Asia these days seem to be pressed factory made disks rather than burned ones


zachariah is right. When I was in Malaysia last year the local paper had a story about the bust of a CD/DVD pressing factory. Located in an industrial zone they were found with tonnes of polycarbonate[1] intended for pressing discs. [1] I don’t remember if this was the exact material but I do recall it being poly something. :slight_smile: