Malaysia is about to pursue illegal VCD producers

I just posted the article Malaysia is about to pursue illegal VCD producers.

As you might know, lots of illegal CD’s are being made in Asia. In some countries, piracy reaches 99%. Ofcourse this is extremely high and not good for the prices at the market (and not good for some…

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Well i just got back from Thailand and bought some nice DvD’s back with me. Jurasic Park 3, Artificial Intelligence etc etc… about $7 per dvd.

Jurassic Park 3 & A.I. suck :8 $7 is much. I got them on DivX (2 CD’s) and that only costs me $1.

(dawn) 7$ isn’t much, maybe you understund if you are dealer… You have to make money, if you buy DVD-r recorder and you just record your, saturday porn films to DVD then that is useless! But I love DivX and fast speed internet connections! :wink:

Any decent DVD sites over Thailand/Malaysia or is it all play by mail/foot. My contact is losing its quality and I’m looking for a new supplier. and yes A.I. Sucks - you can tell when the original director died and when Spilberk dropped some acid. Ali G Indahouse was great fun though - too many good bits to mention. If you liked Blade you’ll love Blade 2, if not leave well alone.