Making XP2 Slipstreamed Bootable CD


Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I’m trying to slipstream XP SP2 into the recovery disk version of XP SP1 that came with my PC and it’s just not working. I don’t get any of the error messages expected if the recovery disk version I have is unsuitable or if the integration/update fails.

All that happens is that the SP2 .exe unpacks into a directory called something like 19fd47rh194kls739jhsu84o290sdg4h5, then the process completes and the directory disappears. But my version of XP remains unchanged. I tried this on a machine running XP SP2 as I read it won’t work on a machine running W2K.

The only thing I can think of is that my recovery disk seems to already have SP1 slipstreamed into the original base version of XP Home, so is this why SP2 won’t slipstream into it?



I don’t know your situation exactly but I slipstreamed onto a full version of xp pro slipstreamed with a windows sp2 cd onto the original xp disk and created a full slipstreamed windows xp pro sp2 disk. I think it doesn’t work on a recovery cd as it only contains some of the files and programs not what a full version of windows cd would have. What process or programs did you use to create the slipstream disk? I used nlite to create my slipstream disk. You might want to go to their site and browse their site on slipstreaming the disk. But I think it should be able to slipstream to your recovery disk but I could be wrong on that part. It’s best to slipstream to a full version of xp if that is possible to sp2.