Making use of an obsolete HD DVD player

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Now that HD DVD is officially dead, some of the early adaptors are starting to wonder what to do with their players. At the moment, regardless of which HD DVD player one got, the player will…

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I’m happy to report that my hd-dvd players and collection of movies apparently do not know they are dead, as they continue to work perfectly. What to do with my hd-dvd players - keep using them. Blu-ray movies offer absolutely no quality or convenience advantage over hd-dvd releases so there is no need to ever replace a hd-dvd release with a blu-ray version. HD-DVD players are superb upconverting players, breathing new life into a person’s standard definition dvd collection. Blu-ray is incomplete as they continue to play around with profiles, etc. and the prices remain unreasonably high. There is no reason to rush away from your hd-dvd player and movies. Nor is there any reason to embrace blu-ray at this stage. Wait for a reasonably priced profile 2 standalone player. :X

I agree with Rich86. Although it is funny, because I bought the xbox 360 player yesterday for $50. I mean come on, 6 free movies and the player for $50. Not a bad deal. Plus hd-dvd movies can be found for under $20 on, Blu-ray movies though, still cost upwards of $25, and more in the $30 range.

We should all pack them up and ship them to Tim Stork… :S

@Hypnosis4U2NV yeah, that is an option aswell… he probably will forward them to $ony for some analysis how to make properly working drives/media… :X

If you ‘don’t know what to do’ with your HD DVD player, just send it to me. It’s not like you can’t still use it.

What’s your adress, I have one I dont need…