Making the NEC 3540A External

Based on a posting I made to the HP forum, I found out that I cannot use the NEC 3540A DVD burner internally (in my laptop) because it is physically too large, it being a standard size internal desktop DVD burner; though I can use the NEC 3540A DVD burner externally in an external FireWire case. Cannot use USB because my laptop only has ports which are USB 1.1 specification, apparently too slow for DVD burning.

Considering this, can anyone recommend a firewire enclosure that will make the NEC 3540A compatible with my ‘aging’ laptop (Dell Inspirion 8200)?

Or perhaps suggest other options?


Just make sure your enclosure uses the plumax chipset…

I used to use enclosures, but I found it so much easier to use USB2.0 to IDE because of ease of use and portability, also, no heat accumulation, fan noise, and easier to swap around with other devices.

sweet price below I got 5 of these:

I would suggest buying external 5.25" enclosure (newegg:"+enclosure&Category=0&minPrice=&maxPrice=&Go.x=0&Go.y=0) and buying USB/Firewire PC card for your laptop so you would be good to go plus you would have all the possible options for your external DVD burner (you could connect it to any laptop/desktop/apple computer there is) with best possible performances you can get (except for the Firewire 800 which is still not jet wide adopted).

Hope I helped a bit.

I have my NEC 3540 drive on a Manhattan 1394 external 5"25 enclosure which is pretty neat. It is nowhere near as fast as an IDE interface though - so you have been warned.

I was just looking at one of these yesterday (as I am in the same boat as ramonekalsaw). Will this sort of setup work with a laptop that is pre USB 2.0?



It’s backwards compatible with USB1.1 however the lowered speed may affect if using multiple of these at once. Also anything else on the USB bus will take away from overall performance, lets not forger that USB is a shared bus and every device added is taking away from an overal scale.

All in all, YES it will work.