Making sure: 24102b 'Tray not opening from frnt button' Prob

Well basically just making sure on this.
I purchased one of these (retail box actually).
However, It is not responding to it’s front button to eject/open the tray.
Basically on power-up the drive is recognized by the motherboard. However, it’s front light “stays on” all times, and I can mash the eject/open button all I want w/no effect.

The other basic-level thing is that it also doesn’t even do that when just plugging in the power line (so it wouldn’t be dependent on the IDE line control).

Now due to the various oddities mentioned here and in other boards, I tried a lot of different things.

For the basic “power supply” kind of issue, I tried it in 2 different systems, the first has a 500W powersupply (ya I have a lotta drives in there ^_^) and the other system was a single drive’d sys with a 350watter. No difference…just powerup, but no front button response.

As far as trying it while fully IDE connected, it’s been tried in both of the systems as the “master”, as a slave, and under cable select with no change.
Also as a “single” “Master” unit (only unit on the cable).

It’s been “communicating” thru the IDE fine as the mboard and my Win2K sys recognized it.

The motherboards are an Asus K7V (slot 700mhz athalon)
and a Gigabyte Kt7 (750mhz t-bird)

But basically it seems to me that on just a “simple” powerup, w/no IDE plugin, it really should be able to respond to the front tray open button regardless.

It has that pinhole emergency tray “pushout” that was tried (to make sure tray wasn’t “froze” hardware-wise. It is fine.

I’d thought about attempting to reflash firmware, but
1:as this latest is dated in November, and this drive was manufactured in December, I figured it should be ok.
2: Lite-on’s site was down anyways so couldn’t DL the firmware ^_^.

So as far as I know it comes down to just returning the thing.
I talked to the store and that’s only suggestion they came up with. Unfortunately, it probably means I’ll have to mail order to get another one and rather be able to make sure I get one to “work” w/o shipping replacement issues. (don’t think the local store has any more instock at moment…they might tho.)

So anyways just “checking”… shouldn’t the drive be able to “open” by default w/o bothering IDE side?
Anything else I could’ve missed?
Was this too long a post? (heh probably…^^)
Did you have a happy New Year? (oh wait…getting offtopic. ^

Thanks for any responses.

Can you open the tray while your system is booting?

Nope. No reaction at any time really.
Before,during,after POST, and before,during,after the W2K OS startup…it’s all the same. There’s also no front light “changes” during any of these times too.
It just stays on…
I still thought it should be able to tray open though w/o IDE connections… Tnx for reply.

When you only connect the powercable (no IDE and no audio cables), is there a green light all the time then? And you can’t open the tray?

If this is true I’m sorry to say that you probably got a defective drive… :frowning:

Well that’s kind of what I thought, but I just thought I’d ask to make sure. I saw a rather lengthy “speech” by someone else in another forum who had a same thing happen. (first drive did that, got traded in and ran into speed issues on 2nd drive).
Yep, on mine I didn’t even try to use any audio hookups. (I really would use my dvd drive for that kind of thing anyways ^_^)

Thanks for the replies though. If this store does have another drive available, I’ll be making sure it gets “powered up” on a system to make sure it at least “responds”.
It may be a “cheaply manufactured” drive, but it’s capabilities still make it a worthwile one to try to get one to work…

Thanks again,

At work we have used LOTS of lite-on drives and not a single problem yet.

In my opinion they are on par with plaxtor quality-wise. And they have better media compatibility than plextors if you use the newest firmware versions…