Making some CDs for friends - basic newbie questions

Thanks for reading a newbie post.

I am making audio CDs for some friends. I want to get good CDR media. By “good,” I mean that it should:

  1. Sound good (I’m starting with MP3s mostly at 192MHz or better).

  2. Last a long time (not “go bad” after a year or two).

  3. Play on a wide range of CD players, car CD players, computers, etc., since I don’t know where they will try to play them.

From my reading, Taiyo Yuden seems to be the general consensus for this sort of use (especially item #3, which is quite important to me). Is this correct?

Now, I read about CDRs being “branded” in various ways. I want to absolutely know what I’m getting. So, how are the CDRs usually branded? Is it written on the box/spindle? On the disc? Can you test it with software?

Ideally, I’d buy discs that say “Taiyo Yuden” right on the disc somewhere. I’d probably test a few of them with software if possible.

So, I guess that’s it: is TY actually the best for this use, and what kind of “branding” am I looking for?

A source of decently-priced discs in the US would be great as well.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Definately TY; I have some Maxwell Audio CDR that seem to be TY…check!! :smiley:

TY (Taiyo Yuden) should be what you’re looking for. There is no one brand that is always TY, but you can get a pretty good idea of who made your discs by reading this thread.