Making SafeDisc2 image... again

I have a SafeDisc2 copy of an original game. But when I try to make en image of this copy with CloneCD and the settings Clony recommanded, CloneCD stay at 0%. I also tried Blindread and that program didn’t come any further than 0% either. What could be the problem? I have a Plex 24/10/40…

how long did u wait for clonecd
to get to 1%

Please also give us some more info on your system… Are you using the latest CloneCD version If not please upgrade…

Yep, I use version I waited approx. 20 minutes and CloneCD still showed 0%. Info about my system:

  • PIII 500 Mhz
  • 320 RAM
  • OS: Win98se
  • Writer (drive I used to try to make an image): Plex24/10/40

what game are you trying to copy
is it badly scratched

The game I’m trying to copy is Harry Potter. The copy I want to make an image of is on a TDK CD and in perfect shape, no scratches or dirt at all…

What settings did you use? Maybe Clony didn’t pass them on to CloneCD correctly so check them! Try these:


[ul][*]Fast Error Skip ON[/ul]And set the ‘Fast Error Skip’ settings to error correction Hardware and Read Retries to 0. You can try fiddling around with these to speed things up. Eg. try error correction None (although this isn’t recommended).

The first two to three percent of any SD2 read does take quite a while - 20 to 30 minutes for one percent is not unusual.

Once you get through that first 3 percent, the read will speed up greatly.

If you want to see if anything is happening during that first few percent of the read, open the log file of Clone (under Tools).

You should see it reporting “failed to read sector ****”. Dont panic, this just tells you that it is reading the copy protection.

Good luck.

Probably I didn’t wait long enough. Thnx for the info everybody…

what did you use as a reader

I used my Plextor 24/10/40

try waiting a longer time for clonecd
to get to 1%

This is also a problem of error correction. You can surf the Daemon’s Forum for background on the ‘beta’ values used by various burners, Plextor being the main one. Plextors have a relaxed attitude to the reflected laser light beta values which is why SD2 backups will work in the burner only (AWS aside).

If the copy is an “AWS” burn by a non-SD2 burner then EC must be set to “none”.

If the copy is a burn by a correct SD2 writer then error correction MUST NOT be set to none.

If the copy is an “AWS” burn by a proper SD2 writer then the copy cannot be copied (I think - I haven’t tested this but thinking it through leads me to believe that it may not work given the EC & sector regeneration performed anyway by CCD).

This is where warez gurus come undone when they don’t know or understand the source of the copy - I’m not fingerpointing here, just stating the facts; everyone stay :cool:

… and the moral of the story is:

if you are going to archive copies of SD2 games you should keep a copy for use and a CD with the CloneCD image compressed on another CD in case you need to generate another archive copy

so i couldnt copy an SD2 game with AWS from a copy?

(i have a Plextor 12/10A so i need AWS to make it work on all drives)

Originally posted by frailimbnursry
so i couldnt copy an SD2 game with AWS from a copy?

I think you can but you have to set error correction to none

I’m new to plextors. cuz i just got a plextor 24x. But it may be the firmware. I used to have a lot of trouble before I upgraded it to 1.03.


Fast Error Skip - If this box is checked, error correction of the CD reader will be disabled during read. CloneCD will use the “Power of your PC” to correct read errors. This option may speed up reading with some CD readers. You have to try, if your drive reads faster, if this option is checked