Making Region Free DVD's

I am using Region Free DVD and DVD X Copy attempting to burn a copy of a region 3 movie to region 1.

After the burn I can play the movied on my computers DVD drive without Region Free DVD being active, but not on my home DVD player?

Does anyone else have this experience and know how to get around it?

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Standalone players can read only discs with the same regional code for which are programmed in firmware. If your standalone is region 1, you can read only region 1 discs or region-free discs.

If you copy a region 3 movie and also the copy is region 3, the player refuse to read the disc. Try to do a region 1 or a region-free copy.

You can use dvd shrink to do this.

DVD2One will allow you to make a Region 1 DVD.

Most region 1 DVD was NTSC format DVD. It seems that the region 3 DVD you have is a PAL format DVD, so you can play the DVD on your computer without Region Free DVD being active. But you can’t play it on your DVD player since your DVD player can only play NTSC format DVD. I suggest you search a software that can convert between PAL and NTSC.