Making PS2 Discs for real



Okay here is my question, im trying to figure out how to make my own ps2 discs with no mod chip, no swap disc, no nothing…just pop it in and it works…ive been doing a lot of reading and what what i gather it has something to do with zero checksums on the DVD, and it is someting that is not software controlled, but hardware from the burner itsself…now here is the thing that seems most obvious to me…SONY MANUFACTURES PS2 DVDS THAT WORK! which means there has to be a way…maybe there is a way to mod my pc’s DVD burner or maybe some kind of hacked firmware update for the burner…or even if you can just buy a burner that has this capability from China or something…All I’m trying to do is make some custom Guitar Hero Discs without the huge hasle of dealing with a moded PS2

Who out there has the Magic Answer?


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