Making progress but not there yet...HELP (NEC ND-2100AD)

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-2100AD. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]OK…had a problem with my Hewlett Packard OEM NEC ND-2100AD burner. It would not burn a DVD. Found out if I downloaded a 2.18 TDB windows flasher and made the burner a NEC ND2510A it would work. Well I did so and the burner now recognizes there is a DVD in the drive. However, instead of getting the error msg “no media” I now get "A write error occured. Bad request. Cannot format medium-incompatible medium. It is an Imation DVD-R disc at 16x. Is the problem with the media or the drive? I thought the flasher would work for both DVD-R or DVD+R. Please help!

Hey [B]rocket61[/B]: your first post about this was in the Newbie forum, so let’s continue there please:

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