Making Progress but not quite there

Im a newbie but ive been doin my homework. Unfortunetly I have alot against me. P2 laptop 128 ram with 700mb of hard drive left. So im using an external DvdRom 2.0 usb to another external DvdRw 2.0 usb. Using AnyDVD and Roxie Drag To Disk I made my first backup lastnight. The whole thing took about an hour and 15 mins. I like DvdShrink but dont have any place to put the backup. My final problem is this system is working for me but only for discs that will fit on one blank disc. Does anyone know of a compresson tool for dvd that can “compress on the fly”??? Any help would be appreciated. Im making progress but not quite there yet. ZDvd

am yet to find a dvd copying app that will copy on the fly if the copy needs to be transcoded/compressed and/or re-authored.