Making peace (and cash) with MP3s

I just posted the article Making peace (and cash) with MP3s.

Vexorg used our newssubmit to tell us that Maverick Records sells Me’shell Ndegeocello (who doesn’t know them ) latest single as an unprotected MP3 for 99 cents.

What’s even more…

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15*.99=14.85 :wink:

Yeah, and for working that out so precisely : a trillion gold stars. Well there’s always going to be at least ONE trainspotter isn’t there? Maybe this IS a good step but once several people pay that nominal sum it still makes someone else a packet. But hey… don’t knock 99c for a decent track you wanted but couldn’t bring yourself to buy a whole album/CD. Keep smiling all : as I WILL be if England win the World Cup!!! :o:4

Goodonya jeremy !!! someone THINKING !!! not standing around with their finger in their arse and their mind in neutral… Er hillary take note …:7

99c is a bit steep!

What’s so bad about this price? If I could download the songs I want for 99c each, I’d do it. I’d prefer them as 44100Hz 16bit wav files though, then you could put them on a CD at top quality. That’s a great price.

This guy definitely has the right idea. By providing them in the format everyone wants and with no copyright technology in them he’s going the right way. If it was 49c it’d probably be a more appropriate price though. And Kafoopsy, putting them as .wav files is a waste of bandwidth and would be a stupid idea. They’d be more likely or should be more likely to put them as 320kb/s mp3’s which are CD quality or to compress them using APE which is a lossless compression format.

I reckon 99c (65p) is very reasonable for one track. The problem comes in payment - people don’t want to use their credit card for that smaller amount of money. It seems very good value - the artist gets money, you get your track (in any bitrate you want, I hope). It’s definitely the way forward. If this is offered large-scale, then there’s no excuse for piracy.

Alright Geezerz ! Yep - a good idea, and 65p soundz good to me. Laterz … . :4