Making pauses in 1 big wav file

Can somebody help me.
I have a wav file from 74 minutes.
Now i have to make there 12 breaks (are 12 numbers in a mix)
-in without when i play the cd in my cd player you hear a drop out in the music with which program i have to use to make this?

greetz martin

They are not pauses but index marks.
If you’re serious about audio, try Feurio (there’s nothing better imho) Once the wave is in the editor it’s just a question of clicking a button at the places you want.

Nero can do it of course as well. After you dragged the wave into the compilation area, right click it, click Properties. You get a new box, select the “Indexes, Limits, Splits” tab, and click the places you want. Use the zoom in function to be more accurate.

There are many more apps that can do it, some do it with a “cue-sheet” whch is a text file with instructions for the burner, roughly speaking…

Drag the file in a Feurio project.
Open Track Editor and press “Split Tracks (linked)” in the position you want.
Then “Burn” the project.

The original file will not be modified.

I use cuemaster, available HERE.