Making non-anamorphic movies anamorphic

Would it be possible to crop a non-anamorphic movie, and turn it into an anamorphic one when doing a back-up using DVD2One. Or is it something I would need an encoder for (I am well aware that D2O only compresses).



First off, any resizing/cutting needs a complete re-encode; DVD2One only does “re-compressing” and is therefore out.

Second, I see no sense in “force-anamorphing”. You can stretch the picture vertically and have TV stretch again horizontally (if you have a 16:9 TV, otherwise the DVD player would shrink it back vertically)… Which is practically what your TV does automatically when zooming a letterboxed movie to 16:9…
Anyway, stretching the picture around will only decrease quality, so why bother?

Well I was trying to backup Casino last night, which is nearly 3hrs long - and the quality I got was pretty ropey (Which I did expect mind you - being so long a movie). It’s not anamorphic. I’m not an expert on exactly how this all works - so I was hoping/thinking that not encoding extraneous black bars would leave more disc space for the picture. An extreme version of ‘lossy compression’ if you like.

But since it requires a complete re-encode (and not just a case of ‘lets just chuck it away during compression’) and I can’t be bothered to download/learn a new tool, I’ll have to live with it.
Oh well!



Casino is most definately anamorph. The fact that you still see those black bars is that its format is 2,35:1 (“cinemascope”) and not just 1,85:1 which is “bar-less” on 16:9 TVs.
Besides, if correctly mastered (i.e. black bars are really black so there’s zero motion data), those black bars compress to virtually “0”.
Edited to add:
Also, from your description, by making a film anamorph, you replace the highly compressable black bars with picture contents! Back in the SVCD days, you’d go exactly the opposite way to save bitrate: going from anamorph to letterboxed. :slight_smile:

Your only option, besides true elaborate re-encoding, is to split the movie onto two DVDs. Not too expensive with today’s media prices, plus you have no quality compromise and retain all extras/menus.
In that case I recommend DVDToolbox ( ) which is really fast and easy to configure.

Well mine isn’t anamorphic (UK). I do know the difference between anamorphic and not - just not all the techie ifo/vob stuff.

I believe you on the problems involved though in backing up the disc! :stuck_out_tongue: