Making my DVD player region free



Hello there!

I thought my dvd player was region free but it wasn’t. It is now stuck on Region 1, which is a pain as I live in a Region 2 area.
It is a HL-DT-ST NX9005, built into a COMPAQ NX9005.
It says that even if I rebuild the laptop it will still remain Region 1.
Surely there must be a way around it?

Can anyone hlep me please?


This is not the correct name!

It may be an HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B …


Just install AnyDVD or any other region free software and it will become region free.


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I agree with chef. If this is the case then f/w is available that may help in this respect.
S/W like AnyDVD will work too.